Image Technology Group - Quality products delivering value for your investment

Image Technology Group offers a premium range of printing, labelling, scanning and digital healthcare solutions that have been specifically designed and developed to help our customers drive efficiency in their business. With high quality and reliability being top of mind, Image Technology Group solutions will enhance your productivity.


We are a single-point, end-to-end solutions provider for all your identification, labelling, printing and digital healthcare needs.

Our product line up includes scanning, labelling, printing and digital healthcare solutions which offer:

  • Unique features
  • Cost effective prices
  • Service and support
  • Installations and trainining

For a deeper understanding of how our integrated solutions can increase your business productivity, get to know all the products we offer.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Image Technology Group offers a barcode scanner that has been specifically designed and developed to make data capture quick and easy. With high quality, efficiency and reliability being top of mind, the Image iM-1DAU barcode scanner offers straightfoward and intuitive operation based on years of industry experience.

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Printing & Labelling Solutions

Image Technology Group’s thermal transfer printers combine premium quality printing and compact design.
Helping you to streamline your workflow and productivity.

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Ergonomic Solutions

Our ergonomic solutions empower organisations to improve the quality of life of their staff promoting better wellbeing, productivity and collaboration at work.

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Healthcare Solutions

By transforming the patient experience, healthcare institutions can increase their efficiency, safety and care.

At Image Technology Group, we have been providing first-class digital healthcare solutions in:

  • patient identification and safety
  • inventory management
  • staff productivity and infection control

Our dedicated healthcare team works with you from the project planning and equipment selection to the customisation and implementation stage.

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We wholeheartedly understand the needs and demands of warehouse label printing, supply chain operations and digital healthcare. A reliable, easy and effective system can dramatically improve workflow and productivity.