PL36 - Sit/Stand desk with Inductive Device Charging

Innovative and Ergonomic design

Whether you are working from your home or an office, our PL36 sit/stand desk comes with a built-in charging station that gives you the flexibility to transition between sitting and standing positions with ease.

Designed for comfort and to suit different heights and work styles, moving from sitting to standing throughout the day will increase your circulation, keep you energised and improve your productivity.

Our PL36 sit/stand desk makes standing effortless. The counterbalance mechanism allows your staff to easily transition between seated and standing positions. Our PL36 has a minimalist design look and feel which boasts modern functionality.

  • Accommodates up to two single LCD screens of up to 24 inches
  • Supports Apple 7.5W fast charge|Samsung 10W fast charge
  • Compatible with Galaxy S9 onwards and iPhone 8 onwards
  • Built-in USB Ports
  • Easy to install
  • Large back-title keyboard tray
  • Base height adjustable to 17 inches
  • Work surface dimensions 36″W x 23″D
  • Maximum weight capacity of 18.14kg